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Paper: Wavelength Calibration of VLT Instruments: Different Strategies for Different Needs
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 422
Authors: Jung, Y.; Ballester, P.; Lundin, L.K.
Abstract: Wavelength calibration is a complex task shared by many of the ESO VLT data reduction pipelines. The different formats, detectors, resolutions, catalog precisions, and noise levels make it impossible to develop a single wavelength calibration method that can support the different needs. On the other hand, the development and maintenance of many different calibration methods would be extremely expensive. Within the ESO Pipeline Systems Department, we developed three generic methods (Point Pattern Matching, Cross Correlation, Optimisation) that can be used either alone or combined together to achieve a highly precise wavelength calibration for each of the VLT instruments.
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