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Paper: All-sky Multi-colour, Multi-epoch SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey Images Now Available in the VO Through SIAP
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 381
Authors: Hambly, N.C.; Read, M.A.; Holliman, M.S.; Cross, N.J.G.; Collins, R.S.; Mann, R.G.
Abstract: This paper describes a new all-sky Simple Image Access (SIA) protocol cut-out service based on the legacy Schmidt telescope photographic surveys (epoch 1949.2000) as digitised by the now decommissioned precision plate scanning facility SuperCOSMOS. Every part of the sky is covered in BRI (typical depths B = 22, R = 20, I = 18 with 2″ resolution) with at least two epochs in R; multiple-epoch images are available in the substantial survey overlap regions. Furthermore, specialist regions have additional filter/epoch coverage, e.g. Hα and matched R exposures in the Galactic Plane, and ~ 200 multi-epoch/colour images spread over ~ 30 years in the ESO/SRC survey field 287 at 21h28m, -45° (B1950). The service has been published to the international Virtual Observatory through the WFAU publishing registry, which can be found through the IVOA Registry of Registries. URL, IVORN, ivo://
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