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Paper: A Web-Based Framework For a Time-Domain Warehouse
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 357
Authors: M. J.; Brewer, Bloom, J.S.; Kennedy, R.; Starr, D.L.
Abstract: The Berkeley Transients Classification Pipeline (TCP) uses a machine-learning classifier to automatically categorize transients from large data torrents and provide automated notification of astronomical events of scientific interest. As part of the training process, we created a large warehouse of lightcurve sources with well-labelled classes that serve as priors to the classification engine. This web-based interactive framework, which we are now making public via DotAstro.org4, allows us to ingest time-variable source data in a wide variety of formats and store it in a common internal data model. Data is passed between pipeline modules in a prototype XML representation of time-series format (VOTimeseries), which can also be emitted to collaborators through After import, the sources can be visualized using Google Sky, light curves can be inspected interactively, and classifications can be manually adjusted.
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