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Paper: Multi-Band Mid-Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of G333.6–0.2
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 209
Authors: Stecklum, B.; Henning, Th.; Kaeufl, H.-U.; Linz, H.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Wright, C.
Abstract: We report on imaging polarimetry of the compact HII region G333.6–0.2 using TIMMI2 in the wavelength range from 5 to 18 μm. Maps of the linear polarization at the resolution of 0.″8 were obtained which show patterns similar to that of Fujiyoshi et al. (2001) at 12 μm. The absorptive and emissive components of the polarization were derived from the 10.3 and 11.6 μm data and compared to the results of Fujiyoshi et al. (2001).
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