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Paper: The Evolution of ISDC Towards Future Projects
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 279
Authors: Rohlfs, R.; Courvoisier, T.; Walter, R.; Eyer, L.; Beck, M.; Tuerler, M.; Produit, N.; Paltani, S.; Beckmann, V.; Audard, M.; Lecoeur, I.
Abstract: The ISDC1 started its activity as the science data center for the INTEGRAL mission in 1996. Software to process data, received on-line from the satellite, and to archive and distribute consolidated data, has been developed and operated successfully since the launch of INTEGRAL in 2002. The expertise and the infrastructure built at the ISDC for INTEGRAL is now used for various astronomical missions, namely INTEGRAL, Planck, Polar and Gaia. Besides reusing the software and infrastructure for Planck, ISDC is contributing to the development of a gamma-ray polarimeter and will be a data processing center to analyze and archive the Gaia data concerning variability aspects of stars. The ISDC is also currently planning to reuse its infrastructure for future high-energy astronomical observatories, in particular CTA and IXO, with the goal of making all high-energy data available to the user community with interoperable data formats and software, and to promote the widest use of these data.
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