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Paper: New Astrometric Reduction of the USNO Photographic Plates of Planetary Satellites
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 275
Authors: De Cuyper, J.-P.; Winter, L.; de Decker, G.; Zacharias, N.; Pascu, D.; Arlot, J.-E.; Robert, V.; Lainey, V.
Abstract: An international collaboration has been set up between the US Naval Observatory (USNO) in Washington DC, the IMCCE of Paris Observatory (OBSPM) and the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) to make a new astrometric reduction of the USNO archival photographic plates of planetary satellites. In order to obtain a better knowledge of their orbital motions these photographic plates are digitized with the new generation DAMIAN digitizer at the ROB, providing a geometric stability of better than 0.1 ìm on the plates. We focus here on a subset of a few hundred photographic plates of the Galilean satellites, taken with the McCormick and the USNO 26-inch refractors between 1967 and 1998. Specific procedures and algorithms are used to obtain highly accurate positions using the Tycho2, UCAC2 (20 - 30 mas) and later the UCAC3 (10 - 20 mas) catalogues. A comparison with the MAMA digitizer of the Paris Observatory is made through the results obtained from digital mosaic images of the plates.
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