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Paper: The Photometric Classification Client for Pan-STARRS-1
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 268
Authors: Snigula, J.; Bender, R.; Saglia, R.P.; Drory, N.
Abstract: The Pan-STARRS-11 project is on its way to start science operations in the next few months. In the next 3.5 years it will produce a grizy survey of 3/4 of the sky ~ 2 mag deeper than Sloan. The Photometric Classification server is responsible for the object classification based on multi-band photometry and the accurate delivery of photometric redshifts. We describe the algorithm and implementation of the photometric redshift estimator that will be the basis for the large-scale structure and cosmological lensing studies in Pan-STARRS-1.
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