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Paper: Non-linear Least-squares Fitting in IDL with MPFIT
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 251
Authors: Markwardt, C.B.
Abstract: MPFIT is a port to IDL of the non-linear least squares fitting program MINPACK-1. MPFIT inherits the robustness of the original FORTRAN version of MINPACK-1, but is optimized for performance and convenience in IDL. In addition to the main fitting engine, MPFIT, several specialized functions are provided to fit 1-D curves and 2-D images, 1-D and 2-D peaks, and interactive fitting from the IDL command line. Several constraints can be applied to model parameters, including fixed constraints, simple bounding constraints, and “tying” the value to another parameter. Several data-weighting methods are allowed, and the parameter covariance matrix is computed. Extensive diagnostic capabilities are available during the fit, via a call-back subroutine, and after the fit is complete. Several different forms of documentation are provided, including a tutorial, reference pages, and frequently asked questions. The package has been translated to C and Python as well. The full IDL and C packages can be found at
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