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Paper: Efficient Computation of Local Densities Using Galaxies from the Millennium Simulation
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 208
Authors: Blight, J.W.; Patton, D.R.; McConnell, S.M.
Abstract: To assist in the study of correlations between galaxy properties and local galaxy density we present a parallel designed application that works with a dataset from the Millennium Run simulation. The simulation contains millions of galaxies distributed throughout a cube of space that is 500 Mpc in size. The application measures the local number density on a scale specified by the user. The scale has a wide range from kiloparsecs to megaparsecs. To reduce the number of calculations the application divides the large cube represented by the dataset into smaller cubes based on the specified scale. The algorithm reduces the complexity of the problem from an O(n2) problem to one that approaches O(n log n).
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