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Paper: The Herschel-SPIRE Imaging FTS Pipeline: Testing the Deglitching Modules
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 203
Authors: Benielli, D.; Fulton, T.R.; Baluteau, J.; Davis-Imhof, P.; Surace, C.; Litven, J.; Kennedy, P.; Naylor, D.A.; Clements, D.; Gastaud, R.; Panuzzo, P.; Polehampton, E.; Leeks, S.J.; Lim, T.L.; Guest, S.; Swinyard, B.M.; Lu, N.; Schwartz, A.; Griffin, M.; Xu, K.
Abstract: SPIRE, the Spectral and Photometric Imaging Receiver, is one of three science instruments (SPIRE, PACS, HIFI) observing in the 200–670 micron wavelength range. SPIRE is a Fourier transform spectrometer in Mach- Zehnder configuration. The pipeline for the SPIRE imaging spectrometer is integrated into the Herschel Common Science System, which is based on the Java programming language. This paper focuses on the development and validation of the two deglitching modules within that pipeline.
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