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Paper: JASMINE – Japan Astrometry Satellite Mission for Infrared Exploration: Data Analysis and Accuracy Assessment with a Kalman Filter
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 39
Authors: Yamada, Y.; Shimokawa, T.; Shinomoto, S.; Yano, T.; Gouda, N.
Abstract: For the purpose of determining the celestial coordinates of stellar positions, consecutive observational images are laid overlapping each other with clues of stars belonging to multiple plates. In the analysis, one has to estimate not only the coordinates of individual plates, but also the possible expansion and distortion of the frame. This problem reduces to a least-squares fit that can in principle be solved by a huge matrix inversion, which is, however, impracticable. Here, we propose using Kalman filtering to perform the least-squares fit and implement a practical iterative algorithm. We also estimate errors associated with this iterative method and suggest a design of overlapping plates to minimize the error.
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