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Paper: Talking Amongst Ourselves — Communication in the Astronomical Software Community
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 3
Authors: Shortridge, K.
Abstract: Meetings such as ADASS demonstrate that there is an enthusiasm for communication within the astronomical software community. However, the amount of information and experience that can flow around in the course of one, relatively short, meeting is really quite limited. Ideally, these meetings should be just a part of a much greater, continuous exchange of knowledge. In practice, with some notable — but often short-lived — exceptions, we generally fall short of that ideal. Keeping track of what is being used, where, and how successfully, can be a challenge. A variety of new technologies such as those roughly classed as ’Web 2.0’ are now available, and getting information to flow ought to be getting simpler, but somehow it seems harder to find the time to keep that information current. This paper looks at some of the ways we communicate, used to communicate, have failed to communicate, no longer communicate, and perhaps could communicate better. It is presented in the hope of stimulating additional discussion — and possibly even a little action — aimed at improving the current situation.
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