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Paper: Data Analysis Products from VO-India
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 420
Authors: Deshpande, M.; Moosani, V.
Abstract: Virtual Observatory, India (VO-India) is a part of the world wide virtual Observatory effort with a mission to develop tools for search, retrieval and analysis of astronomy data. This talk would focus on the tools VOPlot, VOStat and VOCat developed as a part of the VO-India effort. Following is a short description of the tools. VOPlot is a very easy to use menu driven visualization tool. It enables the user to make 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional scatter plots, histograms and surface plots. VOPlot seamlessly integrates with VO-Stat, ALADIN and other tools, to provide an elegant, powerful and yet simple and intuitive environment for the analysis of astronomical catalogues. VOMegaPlot, a functionally restricted version of VOPlot enables users to make 2D plots of millions of points. VOStat is a tool for statistical analysis of astronomical data. The tool uses a public domain statistics software package called ‘R’. The tests provided by VOStat are grouped into subsets, and can be accessed through a simple graphical interface. VOCat tool provides interface for catalog data. User can export catalogs in ASCII or VOTable (Ochsenbein 2008) format to a database and query the data using form or SQL interface. Query output can be sent to tools and services like VOPlot, VOStat, NED, Simbad and Aladin.
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