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Paper: Architecture of a Generic Telescope Control and Monitoring System
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 416
Authors: Mohile, V.; Purkar, C.
Abstract: This paper focuses on a proposed architecture for a Generic Control and Monitoring System (CMS) which can be adapted for any telescope system. This architecture is largely based on an in-progress specification project that PSL is carrying out for IUCAA and NCRA. Historically, the communication link between the telescope and its users at IUCAA and NCRA has been unfriendly. Also, previously it was difficult to maintain and there was no facility to add support for new features or new hardware on the fly. PSL is proposing a new contemporary open-source software based architecture to be applied to both radio and optical telescopes that resolves some of these issues. We present the high-level architecture and design of this CMS. Specifically, we have proposed for the development of the commonality of GUI in platform-independent, modular, secure and robust Java environment. This application along with Extensible Markup Language-Document Type Definition (XML-DTD) structure can control the telescope as well as monitors the status of the telescope. Thus, using CMS we can provide various users having different access levels to control and monitor different telescope systems. The CMS thus achieves design objectives of being generic and not tightly coupled to the actual underlying hardware. In that way, it would enable easy and flexible upgrades of the hardware.
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