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Paper: The GMRT: Background, Status, and Upgrades
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 389
Authors: Nityananda, R.
Abstract: This article is based on two presentations made to the LFRU—a short one in the GTAC session and a longer one in the technical session held at the GMRT. The purpose of the first was to convey to the audience—largely radio astronomers using the GMRT—some background relevant to the discussion of what users would like to see at the observatory. The second talk attempted to bring out some of the ground realities governing the current operation and the ongoing upgrade of the GMRT, concentrating on aspects not covered in later talks, and in particular on the ‘outdoor’ aspects involving field work—the SMEC (for servo, mechanical, electrical, civil) aspects where some features are unique to our location and interaction with the local population. Finally, a brief summary of upgrades to feeds and receivers is given.
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