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Paper: Radio Scintillation Imaging of Solar Wind Structures
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 359
Authors: Manoharan, P.K.
Abstract: This paper presents results of evolution of the Solar wind, with particular emphasis on the properties of the Solar wind within about 1 AU. The Solar wind parameters have been obtained from Interplanetary Scintillation (IPS) measurements made with the Ooty Radio Telescope at 327 MHz. Results show that the large-scale structures of density and speed and their changes are mainly influenced by the magnetic field on the Sun and the interaction experienced by them in the interplanetary medium. The distributions of Solar wind density turbulence and speed over the Solar cycle #23 are discussed. This study shows that the acceleration of high speed wind is determined by the magnetic energy associated with the coronal hole at the base of the Solar atmosphere. The systematic monitoring of IPS on a large number of radio sources at Ooty has also allowed us to determine the distribution of compact sources in the sky.
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