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Paper: Physics of Pulsar Radio Emission Outside of the Main Pulse
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 333
Authors: Petrova, S.A.
Abstract: We for the first time propose a physical model of the precursor (PR) and interpulse (IP) components of the radio pulsar profiles. It is based on propagation effects in the secondary plasma flow of a pulsar. The components are suggested to result from the induced scattering of the main pulse (MP) into background. The induced scattering appears efficient enough to transfer a significant part of the MP energy to the background radiation. In the regimes of superstrong and moderately strong magnetic field, the scattered components are approximately parallel and antiparallel to the velocity of the scattering particles and can be identified with the PR and IP, respectively. The spectral evolution, polarization properties, and fluctuation behaviour of the scattered components are examined and compared with the observational results. The perspectives of the complex profile studies are outlined as well.
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