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Paper: Mechanisms of the Physical Connection between the Radio and High-energy Emissions of Pulsars
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 309
Authors: Petrova, S.A.
Abstract: The high-energy emission mechanisms based on the radio photon reprocessing by the ultrarelativistic plasma particles in the open field line tube of a pulsar are considered. The particles are believed to acquire relativistic gyration energies as a result of resonant absorption of pulsar radio emission. The spontaneous synchrotron re-emission of these particles falls into the optical and soft X-ray ranges and can at least partially account for the pulsar non-thermal high-energy emission. Besides that, the radio photons, which are still below the resonance, can be deposited into the highenergy range by means of the scattering off the gyrating particles. This process can also markedly contribute to the pulsar high-energy emission and underlie the potentially observable features of the radio – high-energy connection. Based on the theory developed, we interpret the manifestations of the radio – high-energy connection already observed in the Crab and Vela pulsars. Furthermore, it is shown that generally the most prominent connection is expected at the lowest radio frequencies, beyond the low-frequency turnover of a pulsar.
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