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Paper: Low Frequency Observations towards the Galactic Center
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 267
Authors: Roy, S.; Rao, A.P.
Abstract: We have observed the Galactic Center (GC) region at 255 and 154 MHz using the GMRT, and catalogued 26 compact sources that are likely to be extragalactic. The measured scattering diameters of these sources shows a statistically significant anti-correlation with distance from the GC and we discuss the implications of this on the properties of the scattering screen. Our multifrequency observations at 255 and 154 MHz, along with previous observations of the GC show that the 7′ halo in Sgr A complex is a non-thermal source of emission, rather than a mixture of thermal and non-thermal radiation.
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