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Paper: Diffuse Bubble-Like Radio-Halo Emission in MRC 0116+111: Imprint of AGN Feedback in a Distant Cluster of Galaxies
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 255
Authors: Bagchi, J.; Jacob, J.; Gopal-Krishna, Wadnerkar, N.; Belapure, J.; Werner, N.; Kumbharkhane, A.C.
Abstract: We report the discovery of a luminous, mini radio halo of ~240 kpc dimension at the center of a distant cluster of galaxies at redshift z = 0.131. Our optical and multi-wavelength GMRT and VLA observations reveal a highly unusual structure showing a twin bubble-like diffuse radio halo surrounding a cluster of bright elliptical galaxies; very similar to the large-scale radio structure of M87, the dominant galaxy in Virgo cluster. It presents an excellent opportunity to understand the energetics and the dynamical evolution of such radio jet inflated plasma bubbles in the hot cluster atmosphere.
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