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Paper: Radio Continuum Studies of Halos of Edge-on Disk Galaxies
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 216
Authors: Srivastava, A.K.; Kantharia, N.G.; Srivastava, D.C.; Ananthakrishnan, S.; Kodilkar, J.; Redij, A.; Dhanya, Srivastava, S.; Mishra, A.
Abstract: The radio continuum studies of edge-on disk galaxies have revealed a variety of structures in their radio halos. Nearly all the emission from the disks and halos at frequencies less than 1.5 GHz arise from non-thermal synchrotron radiation. The steep spectra of radio halos make them particularly good condidates for low-frequency radio observations at the GMRT.We are aiming at understanding the transport of the relativistic plasma from the disk of these galaxies, their possible origin in starburst activity and the disk-halo interaction. In this investigation, we have mapped the radio continuum emission using GMRT at several frequencies for the following galaxies; UGC 11909, UGC 11093, UGC 09127, UGC 07282, UGC 06964 and NGC 4565. Our preliminary analysis reveals that UGC 11909, UGC 11093 and UGC 09127 have a thick radio halo with prominent star forming regions in the disk.
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