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Paper: Radio Observations of Bulgeless Spiral Galaxies
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 208
Authors: Das, M.; Sengupta, C.
Abstract: We present GMRT radio observations of a sample of bulgeless spiral galaxies. These galaxies appear to have no or minimal bulge in their centers and are hence disk dominated systems. They are are gas rich and nearly pure disk in morphology. Their nuclei host star clusters that appear as bright cores in the galaxy disks. Although bulgeless, they do show some star formation activity and in rare cases host AGN as well. Weak bars have been detected in some cases pointing to ongoing internal galaxy evolution. Our primary aim was to see if there was compact emission associated with AGN activity and extended emission from star formation. In this paper we present preliminary results for six galaxies. Three are detected at 1280 MHz in radio continuum; the emission is extended over the disk and associated with star formation. We do not see any radio emission associated with the nuclei in these galaxies.
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