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Paper: A Giant Radio Jet of Very Unusual Polarization in a Single-Lobed Radio Galaxy
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 200
Authors: Bagchi, J.; Gopal-Krishna; Krause, M.; Konar, C.; Joshi, S.
Abstract: We report the discovery of a very unusual, predominantly one-sided radio galaxy CGC049−033. Its radio jet, the largest detected so far, emits strongly polarized synchrotron radiation and can be traced all the way from the galactic nucleus to the hot spot located ~ 440 kpc away. This jet emanates from an extremely massive black-hole (> 109Mʘ ) and forms a strikingly compact radio lobe. To a surface brightness contrast of at least 20 no radio lobe is detected on the side of the counter-jet, which is similar to the main jet in brightness upto the scale of tens of kpc. Thus, contrary to the nearly universal trend, the brightness asymmetry in this radio galaxy increases with distance from the nucleus. With several unusual properties, including a predominantly toroidal magnetic field, this Fanaroff-Riley type II mega-jet is an exceptionally useful laboratory for testing the role of magnetic field in jet stabilization and radio lobe formation.
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