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Paper: Dynamical Age vs Spectral Age of the Lobes of Selected Giant Radio Sources (GRGs)
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 196
Authors: Machalski, J.; Jamrozy, M.; Saikia, D.J.
Abstract: Dynamical ages of the opposite lobes determined independently of each other suggest that their ratios are between ~1.1 to ~1.4. Demanding similar values of the jet power and the radio core density for the same GRG, we look for a self-consistent solution for the opposite lobes, which results in different density profiles along them found by the fit. A comparison of the dynamical and spectral ages shows that their ratio is between ~1 and ~5, i.e. is similar to that found for smaller radio galaxies. Two causes of this effect are pointed out.
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