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Paper: A Radio and X-ray Study of 3CR457 and its Environment
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 192
Authors: Konar, C.; Hardcastle, M.J.; Croston, J.H.; Saikia, D.J.
Abstract: We present multi-frequency radio observations with the GMRT and the VLA, and X-ray observations with the XMM-Newton telescope of the large radio galaxy 3CR457, and examine the relationships between the radio and X-ray emission. We determine the radio spectrum over a large frequency range, estimate the equipartition magnetic field, the injection spectral index and the spectral ages, and also examine possible re-acceleration of particles in the radio lobes. We compare the equipartition magnetic field values with the ones determined by modelling the X-ray emission as inverse-Compton emission from the lobes. We discuss the confinement of the lobes by the surrounding medium.
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