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Paper: Observations at 325 MHz of the WMAP Cold Spot
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 51
Authors: Sirothia, S.K.; Swarup, G.; Shukla, H.
Abstract: We report 325 MHz observations of a ≈20 square degree region towards the WMAP cold spot (l= 207.8°, b= −56.3°), using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). Deficiency is observed in the number counts of radio sources at 325 MHz near the cold spot, similar to that has been reported using the NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) catalogue at 1400 MHz. The observed deficiency of the 325 MHz source counts at position (l= 206.60°, b= −54.74°) in the cold spot region is found to be marginal, yet noteworthy.
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