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Paper: A Dual Imaging Polarimetric Survey of YSO Environments using Gemini/Hokupa`a
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 143
Authors: Potter, D.E.
Abstract: Young stellar members of the MBM-12 association, TW Hydrae association, and the Rho Ophiuchus and Taurus star forming regions were observed in the H-band using the 36 element Hokupa`a/Gemini North adaptive optics system in series with a Wollaston prism based dual imaging polarimeter. The system produced polarized intensity images with FWHM typically around 80 milliarcseconds and Strehl ratios of about 0.10 in the typical seeing of FWHM ∼ 0.″7 encountered during the survey. In total 60 YSOs were surveyed for the presence of circumstellar material seen in polarized scattered light. High resolution polarization intensity images of the circumstellar environments around TW Hydrae, LkHα262, ROXR1 23, the WTTS Roxj1626.0-2421, LkCa 15, and GM Aur are presented.
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