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Paper: The Nature of the Millimeter Bright Quasars at z~6
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 452
Authors: Wang, R.; Carilli, C.L.; Neri, R.; Walter, F.; Bertoldi, F.; Cox,P.
Abstract: We summarize recent millimeter and radio observations of a sample of thirty-six quasars known at z~6. About 30% of these z~6 quasars have been detected at 250 GHz at sub-mJy sensitivity. We have searched for molecular CO line emission in the bright 250 GHz detections. The observations have been made for six objects, and all are detected. We briefly discuss the dust and molecular gas properties of these mm-detected quasars at z~6, and conclude that it is likely that active star formation is ongoing in the host galaxies of these objects. These systems are key to understanding the co-evolution of supermassive black holes and stellar bulges in the early universe.
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