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Paper: Star Forming Galaxies Lensed by A 370
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 432
Authors: Shu, C.; Fu, L.; Huang, J.-S.; Bartelmann, M.; Mellier, Y.
Abstract: Base on the reconstructed mass configuration of A 370 (Shu et al 2008) and together with the observational data taken by Subaru, HST and Spitzer, it is found that the NFW mass profile is more realistic than the isothermal profile for A 370 after comparing the predicted and observed relative magnifications of individual arcs and arclet pairs. The high-quality images of A 370 in twelve bands from B to infrared allow us to recover SEDs for individual arcs and arclets in the field of A 370. The obtained photometric redshifts of individual studied arc/arclets are consistent with the previous ones and the requirements of the lens model. We also find eight new arclet candidates and their photometric redshifts are investigated based on their SEDs. It is pointed out that a new arclet pair labeled as Z7, Z8 and W2 arises from an active star-forming galaxy heavily enshrouded by dust at z ≈ 1.1.
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