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Paper: The Dependance of MIR Properties of Galaxies on SFR, Morphology Mass, Metallicity and AGN Activity
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 371
Authors: Wu, H.; Cao, C.; Zhu, Y.-N.; Li, H.-N.
Abstract: We summarize our recent studies on the dependance of MIR properties of nearby galaxies on SFR, Morphology, Mass, Metallicity and AGN Activity, which base on a sample of the Spitzer SWIRE-field galaxies whose optical spectra taken from SDSS. Our results show that Spitzer MIR colors depend on Morphology, metallicity of star-forming galaxies or activity of AGN. The MIR (24μm or 8μm) luminosities correlate well with the Far-IR luminosities (70μm or 160μm). The tight correlations between Spitzer MIR 3.6μm luminosity and stellar mass of galaxies indicate that Spitzer 3.6μm luminosity can be used to calculate the stellar mass of galaxies. Since this sample include quite a few LIRGs, we construct a large sample of LIRGs to testify the above correlations.
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