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Paper: Accretion-Driven Growth of Black Holes in Galactic Centers
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 364
Authors: Duschl, W.J.; Strittmatter, P.A.
Abstract: We present model calculations of the evolution of massive, selfgravitating accretion disks in galactic centers and the ensuing growth of nuclear black holes. In particular, we show that for sufficiently compact and massive disks, as are expected from of mergers of two gas-rich galaxies, black holes with masses > 109Mʘ can form sufficiently quickly to account for the highest redshift (z > 6) luminous quasars. Our results are also in good agreement with the observation that the number density of AGNs of different luminosities peaks at different red-shifts z, with the brightest AGNs peaking at the highest z.
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