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Paper: Starburst Feedback and the Black Hole - Bulge Relation
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 352
Authors: Wu, X.-B.; Xu, B.; Zhao, H.S.
Abstract: We present a simple scenario to describe the formation of galactic bulge and its relation with the dark halo gravity and the growth of the central black hole. We suggest that bulges form in a runaway collapse due to the gravothermal instability once the central gas density or pressure exceeds certain threshold. The universal halo-regulated star formation threshold for spheroids matches the very high star formation rate and star formation efficiency shown in high-redshift starburst regions. The starburst feedback also builds up a pressure shortly after the collapse. This large pressure could both act outward to halt further infall of gas from larger scale, and act inward to counter the Compton-thick wind launched from the central black hole in an Eddington accretion. Assuming the feedback balancing inward and outward forces, our scenario naturally gives rise to the observed black hole-bulge relationships.
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