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Paper: Co-Evolution of AGN and Star-Forming Galaxies in the Australia Telescope Large Area Survey
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 334
Authors: Norris, R.P.
Abstract: ATLAS (Australia Telescope Large Area Survey) is a wide deep radio survey which is distinguished by its comprehensive multi-wavelength approach. ATLAS is creating a large dataset of radio-selected galaxies for studying the evolution and inter-relationship of star-forming and active galaxies. Although the project is far from complete, we are already starting to answer some of these questions, and have stumbled across three surprises along the way: • FRI/FRII radio-loud AGN embedded within spiral galaxies, • radio-bright AGN which are unexpectedly faint in the infrared, and which may be at high redshift • IR-luminous radio-quiet AGN which are partly responsible for the wide variations in reported values of the radio-infrared ratio These and other observations suggest that the AGN activity and star formation become increasingly inter-dependent at high redshifts.
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