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Paper: The X-Ray Luminosity of FRIs and FRIIs
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 309
Authors: Fan, J.H; Zhang, C.L.; Yang, J.H.
Abstract: In this paper, the X-ray data are compiled for the X-ray luminosity calculation for 183 radio galaxies (62 FRIs and 121 FRIIs). We found the averaged X-ray luminosity for FRIs is LogL1KeVX = 41.84 ± 3.04erg/s, which is lower than that for FRIIs, which is LogL1KeVX = 42.43 ± 1.78erg/s. A K-S test indicates that the two groups have different distribution, implying that the X-ray luminosities of the two groups are different.
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