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Paper: Probing the Accretion Disc–Corona Connection in AGN through X-ray and Optical Variability
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 296
Authors: Arévalo, P.
Abstract: One way to probe the uncertain connection between the opticallyemitting accretion disc and the X-ray emitting corona in AGN is to follow the variability in both energy bands and establish their correlation. With this aim we have monitored a sample of 10 AGN in X-ray and optical bands over several years. Rapid, small amplitude fluctuations in the optical band are consistent with reprocessing of variable X-ray flux by a standard thin accretion disc, if the X-ray emitting corona is located at a few tens of gravitational radii from the disc. The long term, high amplitude optical fluctuations, however, appear intrinsic to the optical emitting region and suggest a propagation of these fluctuations from the thin disc into the corona.
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