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Paper: Exploring the Partially-Obscured BLR and Partially-Covered NLR
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 281
Authors: Zhang, K.; Wang, T.-G.; Dong, X.-B.; Zhou, H.-Y.; Lu, H.-L.
Abstract: We have conducted a series of investigations on the geometry of the reddening material in AGNs, which have important implications to the AGN unification and SMBH demography. According to our statistics of partially obscured quasars, we found that SMBHs in partially obscured type/phase (i.e., intermediate type) are at least as abundant as normal quasars in the local Universe; the reddening material in most objects are located in between the BLR and NLR. According to our comparison of narrow lines in type 1 and 2 AGNs, we found that for high-ionization or high-critical density narrow lines (e.g. [O III] λ5007, Balmer lines and Fe II) a significant fraction of the emission arises from the inner dense part of the NLR; this inner NLR is located very close to the central engine and thus can be covered by the torus.
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