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Paper: Spitzer Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 197
Authors: Spinoglio, L.; Tommasin, S.; Malkan, M.A.; Hainline, K.
Abstract: The Spitzer IRS high resolution spectra of about 90 Seyfert galaxies from the 12μm Galaxy Sample are presented and discussed. These represent about 70% of the total complete sample of local Seyfert galaxies. The presence of starburst components in these galaxies can be quantified by powerful mid-IR diagnostics tools (i.e. 11.25μm PAH feature equivalent width and the H2 emission line intensity) as well as the AGN dominance can be measured by specific fine structure line ratios (e.g. [NeV]/[NeII], [NeV]/[SiII], etc.). The observed line ratios are compared to the results of semianalytical models, which can be used to compute the AGN and starburst contributions to the total luminosity of the galaxies. The results are also discussed in the light of unification and evolution models.
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