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Paper: HST and Spitzer View of Post-Starburst Quasars
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 185
Authors: Shang, Z.; Brotherton, M.; Ganguly, R.; Cales, S.; Strom, A.
Abstract: The optical spectra of post-starburst quasars (PSQ) show simultaneous evidence of a quasar and a massive, moderately-aged starburst. Our HST images show that interactions and merger activities are common in these systems. This also implies strong star formation activities, which are confirmed by Spitzer mid-IR spectroscopy. We are investigating the hypothesis that post-starburst quasars represent a short evolutionary stage in the life of quasars/galaxies. They are possibly the missing link between ULIRGs and quasars.
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