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Paper: Observational Evidence of Star-Formation Modulated AGN Activity
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 138
Authors: Wang, J.; Wei, J.Y.
Abstract: Two new approaches are adopted by us to discriminate between broad-line AGNs and their host galaxies to study the coevolution of AGN and its host galaxy. At first, the well-documented Eigenvector I space is successfully extended to the IRAS middle-far infrared color α(60, 25) by analyzing a sample of IRAS-selected Seyfert 1.5 galaxies. Secondly, after re-analyze the SDSS spectra of the partially obscured AGNs selected from the MPA/JHU SDSS DR4 catalog, the broad Hα inferred L/LEdd is found to decrease smoothly with the age of the circumnuclear stellar population. Both studies support an evolutionary scenario in which AGN evolves from high L/LEdd state to low L/LEdd state as the stellar population ages. Finally, the tight correlation between Dn(4000) and line ratio [OI]/Hα is found in the partially obscured AGNs for the first time, which leads us to propose that the [OI]/Hα ratio could be used as a tracer of age of stellar population in type I AGNs.
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