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Paper: The Starburst-AGN Disconnection: LINERs as Retired Galaxies
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 122
Authors: Fernandes, R.Cid; Schlickmann, M.; Stasinska, G.; Asari, N.V.; Gomes, J.M.; Schoenell, W.; Mateus, A.; Sodré , L. Jr.
Abstract: Optical studies of starbursts, AGN and their connections usually leave out galaxies whose emission lines are too weak to warrant reliable measurement and classification. Yet, weak line galaxies abound, and deserve a closer look. We show that these galaxies are either massive, metal rich star-forming systems, or, more often, LINERs. From our detailed stellar population analysis, we find that these LINERs have stopped forming stars long ago. Moreover, their ionizing radiation field is amazingly consistent with that expected from their old stellar populations alone. The black-hole in the centers of these massive, earlytype galaxies is not active enough to overwhelm stellar ionization, and thus, despite their looks, they should not be called AGN.
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