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Paper: Chandra Archive Study of (U)LIRGs with Double Nucleus: Binary AGN?
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 69
Authors: Wang, J.; Gao, Y.
Abstract: We present our initial results from a study of 14 (U)LIRGs with double-nucleus (z <0.15) and AGN signature in the Chandra archive. The goals are to search for more possible presence of binary AGN and to investigate the X-ray properties and energy sources of these objects. Our spatial and spectral analyses did not reveal additional evidence for binary AGN besides the previously known cases: NGC 6240, Arp 299, Mrk 463. Most nuclei are weak X-ray sources and one LIRG is not detected by Chandra; Nine of these sources have clear X-ray counterparts to their double optical/near-IR nuclei, whereas two of them only have one obvious X-ray counterparts. Due to both the lack of Fe K line detected and the weak emission in hard X-ray band (2-10Kev) in these sources, our study does not provide additional confirmed example of binary AGN. We cannot rule out the possible existence of more binary AGN in highly obscured and unresolved systems, however.
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