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Paper: Molecular Gas in the Host Galaxies of z < 0.3 Palomar Green Quasi-Stellar Objects
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 35
Authors: Evans, A.S.
Abstract: This talk summarizes the present state of molecular gas observations of Palomar Green quasi-stellar object (PG QSO) hosts in the local (z < 0.3) Universe. Thus far, ~ 1/3 of the sample of ~ 60 hosts have been detected in CO(1→0), with CO luminosities and line widths comparable to those measured for local ultraluminous infrared (IR) galaxies. A few CO detections are of QSO hosts with narrow lines, suggestive of nearly face-on molecular disks. Further, a few hosts which are featureless (elliptical-like) in optical and near-IR light are observed to be rich in molecular gas, which is indicative of them being late-stage mergers as opposed to gas-poor elliptical galaxy hosts. The CO detections are not limited to lower mass hosts; the hosts of CO-detected PG QSOs span the complete range of absolute H-band magnitudes (MH = .23.5 to –26.5 mag). Finally, the various ways in which the star formation rates of QSO hosts have been estimated in recent years is discussed.
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