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Paper: The Census of Astronomical Photographic Plates in North America
Volume: 410, Preserving Astronomy's Photographic Legacy
Page: 81
Authors: Robbins, L.; Osborn, W.
Abstract: A census of astronomical photographic plates in North America was carried out in spring 2008 to determine the number of existing plates as well as their locations, conditions, availability for research and other relevant information. Two hundred and two census forms were distributed to observatories, astronomy departments and a few individual astronomers. There was a 51% overall response rate, which included full or partial responses from all of the major U.S. and Canadian organizations. The census identified about 2.4 million photographs. Forty-four institutions reported holding at least some photographic plates, however the 16 largest collections account for 97% of the total. Canadian institutions hold roughly a third of the spectral plates. A number of conclusions about photographic plate archives are drawn from the census data.
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