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Paper: Parallel, Real-Time and Pipeline Data Reduction for the ROVER Sub-mm Heterodyne Polarimeter on the JCMT with ACSIS and ORAC-DR
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 83
Authors: Leech, J.; DeWitt, S.; Jenness, T.; Greaves, J.; Lightfoot, J.F.
Abstract: ROVER is a rotating waveplate polarimeter for use with (sub)mm heterodyne instruments, particularly the 16 element focal plane Heterodyne Array Receiver HARP (Smith et al. 2003) due for commissioning on the JCMT in 2004. The ROVER/HARP back-end will be a digital auto-correlation spectrometer, known as ACSIS, designed specifically for the demanding data volumes from the HARP array receiver. ACSIS is being developed by DRAO, Penticton and UKATC (Lightfoot et al. 2000; Dent et al. 2000). This paper will describe the data reduction of ROVER polarimetry data both in real-time by ACSIS-DR, and through the ORAC-DR data reduction pipeline.
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