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Paper: Wavelength Calibration in Physical Model Based Pipelines
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 619
Authors: Fiorentino, M.; Bristow, P.; Kerber, F.; Rosa, M.
Abstract: We show how the wavelength calibration of complex 2D-spectrograms, such as echelle and long slit spectra, can be achieved in a fully selfconsistent manner by a physical model based pipeline. The ST-ECF is currently upgrading the HST STIS data calibration pipeline in a step-by-step manner. In a first step the Calibration Enhanced CE-calstis pipeline will be able to generate the geometric transformations during wavelength calibration and spectral extraction from a physical (ray trace) model of the STIS optics. The configuration reference data are obtained using a special tools package developed to optimize the model predictions on the routine long exposure wavelength calibration data sets. In parallel the actual HST STIS implementation is going to be re-used in a synergetic manner for the ESO VLT infrared high resolution spectrograph CRIRES. The analysis of wavelength calibration data across the life cycle of STIS (1997 - 2004) shows that the complex 2D spectrograms of the STIS high resolution Echelle Modes can be predicted with very high accuracy for each central wavelength by varying just two parameters, namely the tilt angles of the cross dispersers. All the other parameters describing the optics remain stable throughout the entire STIS lifetime (1997-2004).
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