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Paper: Solving Partial Differential Equations on Overlapping Grids
Volume: 406, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: ASTRONUM - 2008
Page: 231
Authors: Henshaw, W.D.
Abstract: We discuss the solution of partial differential equations on overlapping grids. This is a powerful technique for efficiently solving problems in complex, possibly moving, geometry. An overlapping grid consists of a set of structured grids that overlap and cover the computational domain. By allowing the grids to overlap, grids for complex geometries can be more easily constructed. The overlapping grid approach can also be used to remove coordinate singularities by, for example, covering a sphere with two or more patches. We describe the application of the overlapping grid approach to a variety of different problems. These include the solution of incompressible fluid flows with moving geometry, the solution of high-speed compressible reactive flow with moving rigid bodies using adaptive mesh refinement, and the solution of the time-domain Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism.
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