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Paper: Simulations of Supersonic Turbulence in Molecular Clouds: Evidence for a New Universality
Volume: 406, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: ASTRONUM - 2008
Page: 15
Authors: Kritsuk, A.G.; Ustyugov, S.D.; Norman, M.L.; Padoan, P.
Abstract: We use three-dimensional simulations to study the statistics of supersonic turbulence in molecular clouds. Our numerical experiments describe driven turbulent flows with an isothermal equation of state, Mach numbers around 10, and various degrees of magnetization. We first support the so-called 1/3-rule of Kritsuk et al. (2007a) with our new data from a larger 20483 simulation. We then attempt to extend the 1/3-rule to supersonic MHD turbulence and get encouraging preliminary results based on a set of 5123 simulations. Our results suggest an interesting new approach to tackle universal scaling relations and intermittency in supersonic MHD turbulence.
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