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Paper: Bohdan Paczynski, Cosmic Dark Matter, and Gravitational Microlensing
Volume: 403, The Variable Universe: A Celebration of Bohdan Paczynski
Page: 71
Authors: Alcock, C.
Abstract: Bohdan Paczynski set in motion a dramatic series of investigations with his deceptively simple paper (Paczynski 1986) on gravitational microlensing and dark matter in the halo of the Milky Way. Several major survey projects were direct consequences of this seminal paper, in particular MACHO, EROS, and OGLE. These surveys led to the discovery of gravitational microlensing and to the first useful limits on any proposed candidate for the elusive dark matter. The surveys were the first massive photometric surveys in our field and have revolutionized temporal studies of astronomical objects, ranging from variable stars to quasars and AGNs.
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