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Paper: A Photometric Comparison of ECLIPSE Jitter and the ORAC-DR Equivalent Recipe for ISAAC
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 580
Authors: Currie, M.J.
Abstract: Motivated by a request from astronomers demanding accurate and consistent infrared photometry, I compare the photometry and quality of mosaics generated by the ECLIPSE jitter task and the ORAC-DR JITTER_SELF_FLAT recipe in two fields. The current (v4.9.0) ECLIPSE produces photometry a few percent fainter than ORAC-DR; the systematic trend with magnitude seen in v4.4.1 is now removed. Random errors arising from poor flat-fielding are not resolved. ECLIPSE generates noisier mosaics; ORAC-DR has poorer bias removal in crowded fields and defaults to larger mosaics. ORAC-DR runs a few times slower than ECLIPSE, but its recipe development is measured in weeks, not years.
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