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Paper: Stardust in Meteorites
Volume: 309, Astrophysics of Dust
Page: 265
Authors: Hoppe, P.
Abstract: Primitive meteorites and interplanetary dust particles contain small amounts (ppb to ppm) of refractory dust grains, nm to μm in size, with highly anomalous isotopic compositions. These grains formed in stellar outflows or in the ejecta of stellar explosions and they thus represent a sample of stardust that can be analyzed with high precision in the laboratory for mineralogy, isotopic compositions, and structural properties. Among the presolar minerals identified to date are diamond, silicon carbide, graphite, silicon nitride, corundum, spinel, hibonite, and silicates with variable compositions. Most of these grains formed in the winds of red giant and AGB stars and in the ejecta of supernova explosions. Minor contributions are evident for novae and born-again AGB stars.
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